2018 UK Mastering Conference Announced

The 2018 UK Mastering Conference has announced it’s workshops and topics for the weekend event.  The conference is scheduled to take place September 21-23, 2018, in London.  I am pleased to announce that I am planning to attend.  Some of the more interesting workshops include the following:

Audio Mastering in the past, present and future
human vs artificial intelligence in Post Production
Innovation in mastering and
Music consumer behavior: the psychology and value of mastering
Platforms for dissemination (watermarking, DDP etc.)
Mastering studio technology innovation
Audio and acoustics technology and practice in relation to mastering and post-production
Future music formats
New trends in mastering
Professional practice and business in mastering

For more information about the 2018 conference please review the AES Mastering Group website at http://aesmasteringgroup.org/

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