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Streaming Royalties: The Artists’ Cut

The vast majority of all music revenue is coming from online streaming (paid music subscriptions). If you are an artist without an established fan base, then you are probably wondering how to sell your music… I recently read an interesting article (3/20) which was published by that had some interesting insight into how Spotify, […]

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Music Revenue on the Rise for 1st Time Since Mid 90s.

Since 1973, when the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) began tracking sales data, the music industry enjoyed 26 consecutive years of annual revenue increase in music sales. In the 70’s, EPs and LPs lead the charge. In the early 80’s we saw cassette tapes briefly take the lead until the CD quickly took over […]

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Covid -19 & The Mastering Business

Because the majority of our business transpires via uploads, downloads, virtual conference calls & emails, the Audio Bay Mastering Studio is fully open for business! I am in the studio 6 days a week and readily available to work with recording engineers, producers and musicians.Stay safe & healthy! Sincerely, Andrew Mitchellandy@audiobaymastering.com616-874-1866

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The Fascinating Story Behind Bach’s Cello Suites (300 Years in the Making)

Bach Cello Suite No.1 performed by Yo Yo Ma Bach’s Cello Suites. They are arguably the most widely recognizable compositions written for cello. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) likely composed the suites sometime around 1720, three hundred years ago. They are featured in concerts, advertisements, movies, transcribed for an array of instruments and interpreted for every […]

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Mastered for iTunes Has Been Re-Branded

Mastered for iTunes has officially been rebranded to: “Apple Digital Masters” As a result, all the advantages of high resolution masters will be available available across the iTunes and Apple Music platform (for both streaming and download). And to let listeners know, there is an updated “Apple Digital Masters” badge. What is changing? Beginning August 7, the […]

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“Apple Digital Masters” What does it mean

I have been fielding more and more questions in the past few weeks concerning the “Apple Digital Masters” (formerly Mastered for iTunes) logo that is positioned on so many artist pages in iTunes.   “Apple Digital Masters” is a declaration by Apple that the “songs and albums for sale on iTunes are exactly as the artists […]

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HD Vinyl Unveiled at the AES Mastering Conference in London

One of the more fascinating things unveiled at the AES Mastering Conference last fall in London was the development of HD Vinyl. The prospect of hearing some of the greatest albums ever recorded using digital technology to enhance our classic vinyl medium was too exciting!! HD vinly accomplished three different things; 1) It simplifies manufacturing […]

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Audio Engineering Society 2019 Convention – New York, NY

The 2019 AES Convention is a four day event for audio professionals and includes comprehensive papers, workshops, tutorials and pro exhibits.  Exhibits-Plus access gains you entry to the exhibition floor, exhibit floor theaters, pavilions and demo rooms, where manufacturers demonstrate and reveal some of the latest audio hardware advances and engineering tools.  AES New York 2019 will […]

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What is Video Mastering? (also called LUFS Mastering)

Video Mastering is a process which optimizes an analog master for playback with video and more specifically for playback on YouTube, Vimeo, and other streaming websites. Although not a necessary step in post-production it does address the issue that music streaming sites such as iTunes uses a very different audio compression than video streaming sites. […]

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