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The Fascinating Story Behind Bach’s Cello Suites (300 Years in the Making)

Bach Cello Suite No.1 performed by Yo Yo Ma Bach’s Cello Suites. They are arguably the most widely recognizable compositions written for cello. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) likely composed the suites sometime around 1720, three hundred years ago. They are featured in concerts, advertisements, movies, transcribed for an array of instruments and interpreted for every […]

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“Apple Digital Masters” What does it mean

I have been fielding more and more questions in the past few weeks concerning the “Apple Digital Masters” (formerly Mastered for iTunes) logo that is positioned on so many artist pages in iTunes.   “Apple Digital Masters” is a declaration by Apple that the “songs and albums for sale on iTunes are exactly as the artists […]

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Mastering To Analog Tape (Tape Mastering)

About once a month I am asked to master an album that was recorded on a digital audio workstation, like most albums are these days, to analog tape.  The idea is that recording the stereo mix to tape will saturate a mix with a sound that is consistent with a recording done entirely on 2″  analog […]

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(Checklist) Preparing A Mix For Mastering

This post is a general checklist –  preparing a mix for mastering.  It is geared for engineers with some experience and assumes a basic level of mixing terms and concepts. File types:  All files should be recorded as an uncompressed WAV or AIF file.  MP3,WMP,mACC files are not acceptable. File size:  The bigger the better! […]

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Mastering a Mix for Radio Play

Mastering a mix for radio play:  This post is written to clarify the compression process used by radio stations prior to airplay and discuss some mixing and mastering techniques to combat the unwanted effects broadcast compression. When a song is broadcast over FM airwaves it is first “run through” or processed with a transmission audio […]

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Digital Mastering with Plug-Ins

Most musicians are recording and mixing their own material these days.  In some cases, musicians hire professional engineers to assist with mixing and/or mastering.   However, when budget doesn’t allow for professional mastering and mastering from a digital audio workstation is the only option, then consider implementing a few tips to digital mastering with plug-ins.  The […]

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Analog vs Digital Mastering

Analog vs digital mastering. Which is better? What is the difference? Analog mastering uses physical, outboard mastering gear to process the mix. Digital mastering uses software. Analog mastering will introduce a sound into the recording which is generated from the analog circuitry of the equipment. It will thicken the recording and all the instruments within […]

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Equalization Before Compression?

Equalization before compression? I am often asked the question whether or not the EQ should be placed before the compressor. The answer, as is most often in post-production, is “it depends.” I have developed a set of simple guidelines that I generally follow to help answer the question of where to place the EQ in […]

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