Mastered for iTunes Has Been Re-Branded

Mastered for iTunes has officially been rebranded to:
 “Apple Digital Masters” 
As a result, all the advantages of high resolution masters will be available available across the iTunes and Apple Music platform (for both streaming and download). And to let listeners know, there is an updated “Apple Digital Masters” badge.

What is changing?

  • Beginning August 7, the “Apple Digital Masters” brand will be featured on iTunes and Apple Music, and all “Mastered for iTunes” content will be badged as “Apple Digital Masters.”
  • The Mastered for iTunes webpage has been updated and has a new URL.

What is staying the same?

  • Yes, Audio Bay Mastering is a “Apple Digital Masters” Certified Studio!
  • Engineers and studios are still on the MFiT Providers List. (However, it’s now called the Apple Digital Masters Providers List.)
  • The delivery requirements have not changed. All sources and masters must still be at 24-bit resolution with a minimum sample rate of 44.1 kHz.
  • The native resolution of the project should be maintained. Please do not SRC higher sample rates. 
  • All masters must still be auditioned using the Apple AAC encoder.
  • All of the MFiT Software tools are still valid.

FAQ: What exactly does “Apple Digital Masters” mean for my audio?

FAQ: How to get an “Apple Digital Masters” badge on iTunes & Apple Music?

Additional technical Information about creating Apple Digital Masters from Apple Music:

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