Tape Mastering

Tape MasteringTape mastering is the same process as analog mastering however one critical step is added, the audio is recorded to 1/2″ reel to reel tape during the mastering process.  Tape mastering is a service we offer for audiophiles that really appreciate the sound of analog tape.  Yes, it adds some tape hiss into the song but it lends a warm and distinctive sound that only magnetic tape can deliver.

The tape machine used at Audio Bay Mastering is a  1/2″ Ampex ATR 102 with the Flux Magnetic Heads.  It simply sounds amazing! The machine is regularly calibrated and delivers a sound that is thick as a brick!

Adding the tape mastering option to your mastering does add additional costs and an extra day or so to the total mastering time.  The price is an additional $275 for up to 40 minutes of audio and $500 for up to 80 minutes of audio.

Additional information about tape mastering can be found in our blog