Welcome to the Audio Bay Mastering Upload Page!  This is a SECURE upload link to Andrew Mitchell at The Audio Bay Mastering Studio.  All of your material is 100% secure and is protected by United States copyright laws.  All material is stored on a closed server.

Before you upload – please read
1) Make certain no processing was done to the master 2-track (i.e., Limiting, Multiband Compression, and EQ). You can compress, EQ, and effect individual tracks but do not process the master fader.

2) Leave approximately 2-4 db of headroom on the mix.

3) Send file as .WAV or .AIFF

4) Please send files at the same resolution and bit depth they were recorded in.  The higher the better.  We can accept files up to 192khz / 24 bit.

*Upload here to submit a song for a free sample or to upload a full album

*Samples take 24 – 48 hours to complete

*Optional: Feel free to send a “Reference Track” (i.e. an industry song that exemplifies the overall feel and equalization you are targeting)

Contact for any questions:

Andrew Mitchell
Head Engineer