What is Video Mastering? (also called LUFS Mastering)

Video Mastering is a process which optimizes an analog master for playback with video and more specifically for playback on YouTube, Vimeo, and other streaming websites. Although not a necessary step in post-production it does address the issue that music streaming sites such as iTunes uses a very different audio compression than video streaming sites. Without video mastering it is possible to notice a sonic quality loss when uploading a music video to YouTube or Vimeo with our optimizing your master.

*Below is a song by The Ultimate 3 which charted in the UK and was optimized for video streaming.

*Without Video Mastering the audio has a noticeable drop in dynamic range from the original master.

Video Mastering, in short, optimizes the compression ratio and overall perceived loudness of an audio master to enable normalization of song levels for delivery on streaming video sites. The audio levels are referred to as LKFS in the video broadcast world. LKFS: Loudness, K-weighted, relative to Full Scale (also referred to LUFS).

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