Audio Bay Mastering Studio – The Analog Mastering Specialist

Andrew Mitchell, <a href=Welcome to the Audio Bay, The analog mastering specialist!  We are an analog mastering studio that partners with independent artists and provide a vital step in professional music production. The Audio Bay delivers a sound with wonderful sonic detail, warmth and clarity while preserving the dynamic range of the mix.   We are not interested in “brick-walling” a mix for the sake of being “LOUD.”  We use 100% analog mastering equipment, including Manley, Neve, API, Avalon, Neumann and more, to get the most out of a mix without compromising it.

The head engineer and managing partner, Andrew Mitchell, has over 15 years of professional mastering experience.  Since 1999, he has built a reputation for hard work and careful attention to detail. Our goal is simple.  Exceed expectations and deliver a sound that can compete in any market.

•The Audio Bay is Mastered for iTunes Certified.

• 2010 Grammy nomination for the category of “Best Traditional Folk Album!”  (details – read more)

• 2 Time Silver Microphone Award winner!

• Upload a song and we will master a sample free of charge.  Hear what over 15 years of professional analog mastering experience can do for your sound. (typically a 2 minute portion of the song is mastered for review.  Turnaround time is approximately 24 hours).

• We guarantee our mastering service 100%.

• We specialize in acoustic driven, rock, organic, folk and instrumental studio recordings, to name a few…

• Some of our credits include Mick Lane, Billy Currington, Darol Anger, Marvin Sapp, and more.

Mastering Studio


• 100% Analog Mastering.   No software processing.   Hear the sweet, upper harmonics that deliver clarity to a mix.   Learn how superior vacuum tube EQ’s can blend tones and increase the “space” within a mix and  remove harsh sonic qualities of a digital recording.

• Hear the punch and impact of a solid state Limiter from API and SSL or the soft blend of a tube compressor from Manley Labs.  (see Studio Gear)

“Our success is measured by your success.”

Questions or comments?  Please contact at the Audio Bay Mastering Studio.