The Audio Bay Mastering Studio Equipment and Gear List

The Audio Bay has a diverse variety of EQs and dynamic processing equipment including vintage gear used by engineers that have mastered some of the best albums in music history.

Our analog gear is constantly changing (see our new gear). During any given week we are demo-ing new products, experimenting with signal flow and working to create something new & better. Below is the Audio Bay Mastering Studio equipment and gear list which you will find in most analog mastering studios – it is also equipment that we cannot live without!

GML 9500
Manley Massive Passive Stereo Mastering EQ
4 – API 550bs
2 – Telefunkin W796 EQs
2 – Neve Portico 5033’s
Analog Mastering Gear


2 – Manley Stereo Vari-MU
Manley SLAM
SSL G Stereo Master bus Compressor
2 – EAR 660’s
2 – Universal Audio LA-2A’s
2 – API 525’s
Analog Mastering Gear


Mackie HR824
Tannoy Reveal
Mirage M-490
Bose Wave Radio
Yamaha NS-10
Digidesign 190
Apogee Rosetta 200

Tape Machines
1/2″ Ampex ATR 102 with the Flux Magnetic Heads
Tascam MSR-16 (16 track 1″ abalog tape)
Tascam 22-2 (1/2″ Mastering 2-track)

Sony R-300 DAT Recorder, Pro Tools HD3 Accel (loaded with plugs), DSP Quattro, Masterlist CD, Roxio JAM & TOAST