Stem Mastering (Separation Mastering)

ptoolsStem Mastering or (Separation Mastering) is the same process as analog mastering however the engineer will master from a collection of stereo sub-mixes and not from a stereo mix.  For example, most analog mastering is performed from a stereo mix.  In the case of Stem mastering the mastering engineer may work from a collection of mixes such as a vocal mix, an instrument mix, a bass mix and a drum mix.  When done properly it can be a more versatile solution to professional mastering because it gives the engineer more control of song components. For instance, the mastering engineer can now apply equalization to a sub-group (or stem) without affecting the entire mix.

Separation mastering is often helpful in cases where the mixing engineer is unable or does not have the equipment to achieve a particular mix.

Audio Bay Mastering does provide Stem Mastering services. The additional price is $25 per song and our remix and remaster guarantee does apply.