Is Quality Guaranteed?

Unlike most Mastering Studios, The Audio Bay will guarantee  it’s mastering services.   Since 1999 I have personally mastered hundreds of albums, demos and EPs.  In 15 years of operating a mastering studio and working with labels and independent artists I understand the importance of exceeding the expectations of all my clients.  As a result I offer both mixing suggestions and advice prior to mastering and what I call free “re-masters,” which allows the artist to re-calibrate their mix after they hear the final master.

Many of the independent artists that I work with own their own digital audio work stations and record and mix their own material.  Consequently they often look for help to bridge the gap between an amateur and professional sound.   I have found that often times the mastering process, which enhances both the good and any bad elements within a recording, can alter the mix in a way not intended by the artist.   Therefore I offer the free “re-master” which is both a great learning tool for an amateur mixing engineer and takes the pressure off the artist to deliver a perfect mix for me to master, which in some cases is their first attempt at mixing an album.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.