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ISRC Explained

As a mastering Engineer I field more questions about ISRC (International Standard Recording Codes) than any other topic. There are a lot of myths and theory’s about its use, purpose, and procedures. In this article I hope to clear up any misunderstanding about the ISRC. Put simply, the ISRC is a unique identifying series of numbers […]

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Compression and Limiting, In Basic Terms

In the audio world the term “compression” refers to several different processes. There is data compression which might be used to “ZIP” a data file. There is ‘lossy data compression” which is a type of compression used for MP3s, and there is “dynamic range compression, ” which is what this article addresses. What is compression? To […]

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Graphic vs. Parametric Equalizers – Put Simply

All equalizers have the ability to either cut or boost frequencies, and in some cases do both. The Eqs that only cut frequencies are called “passive” EQs. For instance, troche some guitar amplifiers have passive EQ controls. All they do is arrange for certain frequencies to “bleed off” to ground. Other EQ’s can add amplification to […]

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