Once Mastered, How Is My Project Returned To Me?

Once the project is complete the mastered files will be transmitted digitally and 2 hard copy master CDs will be mailed.

The digital files will be in the following format:
-44.1khz / 16 bit WAV files
– If  applicable higher resolution files will also be provided (up to 192khz / 24 bit)
-High quality MP3s
-iTunes ACC Files (to preiew how your songs will sound after iTunes conversion)
“Mastered for iTunes” compatible ACC files (if mixes were provided a 96khz sample rate)
-DDP Files (digital disc image for manufacturing)
-AIFF files also supplied upon request
-Mastered for Vinyl (if applicable)

The 2 hard Copy CDs will be proved in the following format:
-2 , AAA Grade CD ROMs
-Contains CD TEXT Encoding
-Encoded to RedBook Standards
-Mastered for Vinyl (if applicable)

Contact Andrew Mitchell with any questions and/or comments: